Truthfully, I’ve always been obsessed with things that sparkle - your love is no different.

C'est moi, Whitney!

From "photoshoots" with 10 year old Whitney and her pink point and shoot camera to professional wedding photography, I’ve always been drawn to the art and science of imagery.

When I started my business in spring of 2020 *laughs ironically*, I named it Les Petits Bijoux (little jewels in French) because I genuinely treasure witnessing your love for one another. From the moment you inquire to the moment you ride off into the sunset, I’m here to be more than just another vendor: think of me as a shoulder to cry on, a fly on the wall, and a true helper who’s not afraid to tell you you’ve got lipstick on your teeth. I can’t wait to hear your love story and play a small part in documenting it!

To me, photos are like the jewels of life: small luxuries that add immeasurable beauty to our lives. 

love from paris

you look like, taylor swift


I’m a die hard Swiftie. Sue me. 


I donated one of my kidneys to my brother in 2020.


I’m a hardcore romance reader and rom com watcher (AKA a sucker for happy endings).


I’m a total nosy nelly people person

I have an amazing husband and two puppies who are essentially my children.


I stumbled into running and have somehow become the world’s least likely marathon runner??


I’m down to explore new places, opportunities, and ideas. I treat every session like a fresh adventure.


Nothing makes me swoon like the obvious love you have for one another—my passion is to capture it through photography.


I’m team ‘natural and narrative’ over ‘stiff and contrived’ photos every damn day.


I pinky promise, cross-my-heart to always prioritize…

My Vow to You

I’m a ‘glass half full’ girlie who’ll bring fun, optimism, and creative solutions to every scenario.


“On our wedding day, Whitney was the ultimate hype girl and so calm even when things were a little chaotic. She makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera, is quick to adapt when needed, and I felt like she had my back the whole evening. She would randomly come up to me during the reception to hand me water or check on me!” 

Ashley & Sean

love notes


No two weddings are the same, but I can guarantee you’ll feel supported, encouraged, and prepared each step of the way.

A Personalized Experience


Mon amour

(my love)

Whitney Stark of Les Petits Bijoux is a Louisiana-based destination wedding photographer capturing treasured imagery for crazy-in-love couples across the globe.

hey its me, whitney!