A love like no other

Your day should be exactly that - yours. Whether it's just you two or the entire family & friends combo - I want to be the one chronicling it. Throw tradition to the wind, get ready with your love, dance the night away, bring your pinterest board to life! Your happiness is my top priority because, for me, there's no greater joy than being a part of your love story. 

Your wedding day isn't just another date on a calendar; it's a memory in the making, a story that will be cherished for generations. Let me be the puzzle piece that brings your vision to life, seamlessly weaving together all the elements that make your day uniquely yours. From the flowers to the shoes, I'll make sure every moment is solidified in your online gallery and on your walls forever. The moments that bring a tear to your eye and give you butterflies in your stomach. Those are the moments that bring air into my lungs and ignite that passion in what I do.

Why I can't wait to document your day

The local louisiana wedding photography experience

Check that email because your full online gallery with hundreds of edited high resolution images for you to download, share, order prints and albums and share on all social media platforms!

08. you've got mail

I'll send over some questionnaires and we'll schedule another zoom call to chat out the details. I take out all the stress of wedding day planning and I'll create a timeline to ensure we have the perfect amount of time to get dressed, take family portraits, first look details, etc.

05. nail the details

Pick your package + payment schedule. I'll send over a contract + invoice. Sign it. Pay the nonrefundable retainer. We are on the books!

We'll schedule a time + day for your engagement session! This is where we can think outside the box and plan a fun photoshoot where we both get to know each other, you get comfy in front of my camera, and we solidify our friendship!

03. signed. sealed. delivered.

04. engagement photoshoot

Holy smokes it's wedding day!! It's the epiphany and best chapter! I'll be by your side all day, buttoning your dress, pinning the boutonniere, handing you waters and of course capturing every moment along the way. I'll troubleshoot problems, fan your face and make sure you have the most stress-free day!

I know you will be ITCHING to get your hands on some photos so I'll send a few within 48 hours and then even some more within 3 weeks!

06. the wedding

07. sneak peeks

See something you like? Head over to the contact page, fill out the info and I'll be in touch so we can chat it out. The hardest part is the first step :)

We're gonna hop on a Zoom Call to meet each other, talk wedding vision, and just chat all things wedding! Nothing's set in stone, this is just our meet cute in a coffee shop in the first chapter of our romance book.

01. Reach out

02. This is our meet cute

my eight-step secret to stress-free wedding photography that truly tells your unique love story

where elegant meets effortless

The Journey




a photography experience uniquely inspire by
warm-souled, mold-breaking, fun-loving southern couples like you

The wedding day you're cooking up is not like the other girls. So, give me one good reason why the photography package meant to preserve it should be some boring off-the-rack situation?! No ma'am - not on my watch!

Instead, tell me all about your dream day during a brief, no-pressure consultation call so we can adjust the set packages to create the most perfect custom proposal built specifically for your day and with your priorities in mind!

Book your Call

+ 6 - 10 consecutive hours of photographer
+ Second photographer
+ Online digital gallery of 500-1000+ images
+ Images optimized for both print + social media
+ No-fee travel within 60 miles roundtrip of 70810
+ Complimentary engagement session
+ Location scouting and styling guidance for portraits
+ Wedding Dat Timeline Creation
+ Local vendor recommendations
+ Full Gallery delivery within just EIGHT weeks
+ Next-day mini sneak peej
+ Three-week sneak peek of up to 100 images
+ Artwork + Albums (with design support!)
+ A direct line to me from booking to deliver via text to help with all wedding planning questions

While I can personalize every louisiana wedding photography collection, here are some of the little jewels of my experience i'm most proud to offer:

collections begin at  $4,199

creating photos that are



What is your approach to editing?

Great Question!! I go through and carefully edit every single photo myself! I adjust lighting, colors, and adjust the settings to match my editing style. I may remove a trashcan in the back or Exit sign sticking out but other than that I do NOT photoshop people! I want the photos to be authentic and capture you in your true selves!

Will you photograph our LGBTQ+ celebration?

A million times YESS!!! LGBTQIA+, no matter how you identify and regardless of how you define your relationship, I'd love to be a part of your wedding day. Love is love and I'm 100% here for it!

How many photos will I receive?

You'll receive anywhere from 500-1000 photos from your wedding day. It all depends on how many hours we shoot and how jam-packed your wedding day is! Nevertheless, you will receive ALL the good photos - I won't hold anything back!

How will I receive my photos?

Firstly, I'll send you a handful of sneak peek shots a couple of days after your wedding. 6 to 10 weeks later, you'll receive a link to your online gallery filled with all the high resolution images to relive your wedding day. You can download, share, order prints and albums all from that link!

What if we are awkward in front of a camera?

No worries, whatsoever! I am too! I'll play music during our engagement session, act silly and tell really bad jokes to break the ice. I give lots of prompts vs poses. So instead of saying "put your hand here and makeout" I'll say "I want you two to run around chasing each other playing tag. Then let him catch you and spin you around like you're in a rom com movie and you haven't seen each other in 10 minutes"

What if you're unable to make it to our day last minute?

Don't panic! God forbid something happen, I will make other arrangements. I have a very long list of Louisiana wedding photographers and people who can step in if something tragic were to happen. However, I have shot weddings without a voice, with bronchitis, on zero hours of sleep, with a boot on my foot and on days when I was just feeling really crappy. So I will be at your wedding, rain or shine, unless an act of God stops me from being there.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes! I understand how hectic weddings can be and how many payments can be due leading up to your wedding. With that being said, I require a 25% nonrefundable retainer to hold your date and book us on my calendar! However, the remaining amount can be divided into as many payments as you would like - lump sum at the end, monthly, bimonthly, 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.

This sounds amazing! How can we get our date on your calendar?

YAY! I cannot wait to talk to you two! Reach out to me here and we'll schedule a time to chat and go over the details of your day, wedding package options, questions and more!! We'll start there!

For starters I am not the most naturally photogenic behind a camera, but Whitney gives instructions on movement and posing which really helped me with that. Not only this, but Whitney treats you like a friend in a way that made me feel super comfortable and confident every time I was doing a shoot with her.

"I could not rave about Whitney enough"

Jordyn + William

 She is absolutely amazing at taking photos and making you feel comfortable in the space with her. She shows you what to do and tell you your best angle so there is no chance of getting a bad photo!! 10/10 recommend her!!!

"I will forever recommend Whitney for ANY photos"

Lara + Bryce

On our wedding day, she was the ultimate hype girl and so calm even when things were a little chaotic. She makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera, is quick to adapt when needed, and I felt like as the bride she had my back the whole evening. She would randomly come up to me during the reception to hand me water or check on me— it was so kind and appreciated! Her work is beautiful and so is her heart! You can tell how much she enjoys what she does and cares about each of her clients. I highly recommend Whitney!

Whitney is wonderful to work with!

Ashley + Sean



I’ll be the chameleon you want me to be – whether you want me to be the ringmaster herding everyone up for a shot, or to sneak around in the background, capturing all the natural, candid moments. No cheesiness or cringy, forced poses here! We'll booty bump, walk like we're tipsy, and you two will smother each other in sweet kisses and giggles. I'll scream and cheer in excitement, wipe a tear escaping my eyes and wave you goodbye as you drive away.


Throughout your day, I’ll be weaving in and out to make sure I catch every precious moment, including moments that went unseen. That quick kiss at the dinner table or tucking that loose strand of hair behind your ear. All the moments that make your heart flutter. The cheers from the parents, rejoicing at the first kiss and those crazy moves on the dance floor.


I'll arrive bright and early ready to take on the day. You and your crew can continue to hang out, get ready and snack while I get my camera gear together, grab your details and get everyone comfy before I start snapping away. Want to get ready with your love? I'm so down and will be a fly on the wall while you two do your thing!


I'll be by your side all day. I tend to know exactly what you need before you need it. Need a quick time to yourself? I'll whisk you away. A glass of water? I'll even get a straw for your lipstick. Tell me what you need and I'll make it happen! All while documenting your spark!



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I can't wait to be the one to tell yours! From toasting morning mimosas with your girlies while yell-singing Taylor Swift to racing off into a lifetime of Mr. and Mrs., you'll get to live it up while I document it in all its glory. And between all the spontaneous "what about this crazy idea" texts and timeline call, I'll become the rom-com sidekick you can't wait to spend the best day of your life by your side!

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