A bride and groom dip-kissing at the end of their ceremony at the Old Governor's Mansion in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

When planning your wedding there are so many routes you could in terms of vision. Do you want a small garden wedding, or maybe you want a boho-chic wedding filled with pampas grass galore and the rustic colors that go along with it. No matter which wedding style you choose, there’s always a “theme” to go along with it.

Madison + Chase love the “old money” vibes with white gloves, sleek dresses, all black wedding party attire. Their downtown Baton Rouge wedding in the Old Governor’s Mansion was nothing short of Modern and elegant but with the simplest glamorous touches. They wanted the large staircases and outdoor courtyard ceremony the Mansion has to offer. From a short and sweet wedding ceremony to parmesan truffle fries at the reception as a late night snack; this wedding was absolutely stunning. One that could be in magazines! (Who’s gonna call Vogue?) You’ll never believe where she purchased her dress from…

A bride's shoes lay with her tulle gloves, wedding rings and veil during a details flat lay.
A modern and chic bride with her cathedral veil getting ready at her house.

The weather started off overcast with terrifying chances of rain. Although a little sprinkling didn’t stop us during our bridal party portraits sessions, we stayed weary of the weather while still chugging along and just living in the moment. Even though the sun never made an appearance, their wedding and photos were timeless, proving weather is only but a thing on your wedding day.

A courtyard wedding ceremony at the Old Governor's Mansion in baton rouge, Louisiana.
A bride and groom dip-kissing in front of the old governor's mansion in louisiana.

This wedding day will live forever rent free in my mind and still lives in my top 10 weddings I have worked. To see their wedding vision come to life was amazing. From their timeless attire to the trucker party hats, this wedding was one of a kind. Is this the style wedding you’re envisioning? Reach out and we can make it come to life!

Oh, and where did her wedding dress come from? It was $50 from Fashion Nova 🙂

The bridesmaids are celebrating as parmesan truffle fries are passed around the reception as a late night snack.

Hear From The Bride:

Definitely tell me how you came about choosing your Fashion Nova Wedding Dress!

I found this dress and originally was going to wear it for an engagement party or rehearsal dinner. When I was thinking about what wedding dress I wanted, I kept describing that dress. So I said why not and just wore that one and it was everything I could’ve wanted. Sometimes you don’t need to go spend the most money or get the biggest dress you can find. Wearing something you feel confident in and beautiful and is the most important part of a wedding dress.

What was your favorite moment from your wedding day?

I have so many favorite moments, but the main moment that will live in my head is helping get our daughter dressed. Spending that one on one time with her and taking in that moment, knowing one day, I will be able to tell her all about it is something I’ll truly never forget.

What do you feel made your wedding day special/unique?

Having my truest, closest friends surrounding me made the day so special. Obviously, having my daughter be in my wedding is something unique and an added touch I never knew I needed.

What advice do you have for couples planning a wedding?

My biggest advice is make sure your main focus is on the person you’re marrying. All of the details of the day and night are important and special, but at the end of the day, this is who you are going to spend the rest of your life with and you can put in all of the effort and stress, but the biggest part is enjoying yourself with the person you are marrying.

What’s one thing you would change from your wedding day?

The only thing I would ever change about my wedding is changing into my second dress immediately after my first dance. I lost some time with guests who couldn’t stay the entire time. So I wish I would’ve went and said hello and mingled a little bit before going upstairs to change dresses

Here are a few of the vendors who made Madison + Chase’s old money wedding vibes come to life:

Photographer: Les Petits Bijoux Photography | Wedding Coordinator: Kendall Hebert | Venue: Old Governor’s Mansion | Florist: Something Borrowed Blooms | Bakery: Tredici Bakery | Bar: Uncle Earl’s | Caterer: The Catery | Band: Nola Dukes Band


March 19, 2024

A bride and groom in front of the Old Governor's mansion as her veil blows in the wind.

Modern & Chic Downtown Louisiana Wedding

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